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Optometrist Online CPD allows the Optometrist to earn CPD Points by successfully completing each CPD module online in your own time.

Online Optometrist CPD Point Tests

User friendly interface to complete Optometry CPD tests.

Automatic Certificate on CPD Completion

On successful completion, you'll receive an automatic certificate of completion.

Keep track of your CPD point history

All of your CPD test history and copies of your certficates are stored on your account for future reference.

About Optometrist Online CPD

Through discussion with Optometrists and follow up surveys conducted over a period of time, a major area of need was identified to support the profession in keeping up to date, improve skills and earn CPD points at the same time.

With this in mind, the idea of Optometrist Online CPD was created as an ideal way to achieve these objectives, in your own time.

PresMed Australia is one of the leading healthcare companies in Australia that specializes in the establishment and management of ophthalmic day hospitals.

Our Ophthalmic Day Surgery Centres - Chatswood Private Hospital, Epping Surgery Centre, Central Coast Day Hospital, Madison Day Surgery, Metwest Surgical and Devonport Eye Hospital are centres of excellence in Ophthalmic Surgery and have always supported and encouraged the close working relationship between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. We recognise that ultimately it is the patient that benefits if the continuity of patient care between Optometrist and Ophthalmologist is maintained.

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